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International leaders in medical cannabis and masters in strain development, Tikun Olam had been helping patients with debilitating conditions since 2005. But even with the world’s largest treatment database behind them, breaking into the emerging CBD space in the US market was no small feat. To deliver their CBD product line in this new market, they launched Tikun Hemp, a new brand that needed guidance from local digital experts to stake its claim in the space.

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A promising new brand under the banner of a world leader in cannabis, Tikun Hemp needed its own identity to stand out in a market ripe with discerning preferences. A premium visual aesthetic, impactful brand messaging and a reliable e-commerce platform were important elements of a holistically exceptional experience. With all of this, we engineered a beautiful, scalable online brand presence for Tikun Hemp that helped them connect with customers.

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Tikun Olam’s story started back in 2005 when it became the first company licensed to provide medical cannabis to patients suffering from a variety of different conditions. Being first-in was already in their DNA, but working quickly to establish the new Tikun Hemp brand was key. The CBD space was quickly drawing newcomers and we had an opportunity to introduce customers to a best-in-class digital experience before competitors could gain their footing in the category.


To cement Tikun Hemp’s status as an innovator, we tapped our own global network. From the beginning, we acted as integrated producers, working across disciplines to introduce a new brand image to the world. We partnered with a specialized medical copywriter to build an impactful messaging framework. Following the creation of the new brand aesthetic, we conducted a full-scale styled shoot with a skilled product photographer. We wanted to capture their product imagery and packaging in a way consistent with their values of repair, restoration and relaxation.


To power the shopping and sales engine, we used Shopify, leveraging a breadth of e-commerce features and overcoming persistent challenges with payment gateways for seamless purchasing and fulfillment.

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The entire build took our team 6-8 weeks, a tight turnaround that resulted in Tikun Hemp being first to market with a digital experience that was second to none. In less than two months, our team took this brand from relatively unknown to industry-leading.

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