Behind the Name

Lines of latitude & longitude are universal

These lines are human-made descriptions of the Earth that have fueled exploration, discovery, and a wider understanding of our place in it for centuries. When these lines converge as a comprehensive grid, every intersection unlocks a world of possibilities.

How We Work

Our process is rooted in our passion for exploration

Even the simplest projects need a clear way forward. That’s why we’ve designed a watertight, 8-step process that leaves room for flexibility. We’ll create a custom project roadmap that meets your milestones and charts your journey to success.

1. Business Analysis

We go beyond designing and building products. We immerse ourselves in your day-to-day, uncovering insights to propel your business forward.

2. Define

We’ll work with you to define exactly what we’re building based on your unique goals and priorities.

3. Strategize

We break ground, exploring new ideas and testing hypotheses of how to achieve your business goals.

4. Research

Our design team searches far and wide for examples and inspiration while crafting and testing bespoke interface ideas.

5. Design

Starting with sketches, we map out a proposed structure. With each revision, we refine the visual and interactive design.

6. Develop

​Instead of building an entire project at once, we break it into agile sprints to gauge progress and offer full visibility.

7. Test

We like to show incremental progress and ask for feedback at the end of each phase so we can make small adjustments.

8. Integrate

The best part of every project is the official launch, but first we ensure the product complements your business and process.

Global-Network Pattern Global-Network Pattern

We Don’t Compromise on Craftmanship

Our quality is off the charts

Site maintenance and support is just as important as the launch of your product. We always fix our own bugs at no extra cost and there’s no time limit. This is part of our ongoing commitment to quality and one of the reasons our clients know they can rely on us for continued support.

What We Do

A Bird’s-Eye View of our Expertise

This is where unmatched agility meets expert digital craftmanship

We offer an arsenal of services across business strategy, innovation consulting, custom product design, and technical development. From web and mobile to e-commerce and enterprise, we create one-of-a-kind experiences for some of the world’s boldest brands.

Take the First Step

We'll guide you through the planning, design, creation + integration of your product.