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It may sound grandiose, but the future of humanity relies on smart agriculture. To sustain our growing population, we will have to produce more food with fewer resources. With this urgency in mind, Sostena’s research team has developed dozens of hybrids for melons, tomatoes, corn apples and more. All of these non-GMO varieties have been refined over many generations. But beyond the seeds themselves, Sostena empowers farmers with digital field management tools—increasing yield and profit potential. Using specially designed in-ground hardware sensors, growers can get ground-level insight into their plants’ progress. These tools help refine yield projections and grant real-time access to crop data.


Building on the strong foundation laid by the team at Useful.io, the Lat Long team developed in-house sales and order management tools, and crafted interfaces that distilled complex performance data into simple dashboards for growers across three countries. The result was an aggregative platform capable of predictive analysis based on satellite data, local weather forecasting and sensor-reported data. Along the way, our team acted as consultants in engineering, tech and product innovation, advising and developing an impactful suite of tools for use across the entire business.

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