Transforming Student Testing


Building a platform to overcome barriers in learning for students and educators


Our longtime clients at Learning Ally asked us to help them create a simpler way to circulate assessments and results between schools and researchers. This is important because these specially designed assessments help researchers collect data about student populations that help power the science of learning. Their findings lead to insights that help drastically improve learning outcomes for students struggling in the classroom.

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Even though the Honeycomb platform started as a single solution for a complex problem, we saw an even greater opportunity to make a difference. Our team set out to build an application that would give educators easy access, not only to one assessment at a time, but to new and iterative assessments as they were released. This would allow many different tests to be deployed, administered and scored simultaneously—putting valuable data in the hands of researchers more quickly.

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The Lat Long team guided the creation of Honeycomb from start to finish. With a clean and modern visual design and thoughtful organization, the entire platform was built around friendliness and simplicity.


For researchers, Honeycomb offers a seamless method of distributing evidence-based learning assessments to educators. This functionality is novel within the industry because it surmounts the most common pain points associated with testing at scale, like timely delivery and data collection. On the other hand, educators and parents need a simple, highly-intuitive interface that takes the guesswork out of action items and serves up digestible reporting. Honeycomb invites them along as active participants, showing them what to do like it’s second nature.

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With an MVP well-underway, the next step was finding districts, schools and educators willing to participate in studies. It’s not a hard sell since studies prove that early detection and intervention can help minimize the effects of learning differences. People understand the urgency and want to help children succeed, but without a tangible opportunity, they don’t know where to begin. To raise awareness of the platform and give educators the opportunity to say “yes” to furthering Learning Ally’s groundbreaking research, we crafted an accompanying recruitment program.

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We see a future of promise with Honeycomb as we continue to make improvements and focus on product management post-launch. This tool is poised to change the world of learning, creating more inclusive learning environments for students.

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