It sounds grandiose to say that the future of humanity relies on smart agriculture but every bit of research suggests that to sustain a booming population, we'll have to produce more food with fewer resources. Sostena leads the drive toward empowering growers of all sizes to improve crop yields and gain access to new markets for their produce. Their research team has developed dozens of hybrids for melons, tomatoes, corn, apples and more; all non-GMO plants that have been studied and honed for generations.

Sostena has a vested interest in the success of its crops, for the future of the business, the industry and our communities. So all of their customers (and starting in 2019, any farmer) are also empowered with digital crop management tools that aid agricultural decisions every step of the way. A farmer can log the specific seeds that will be planted in each field and see instant projections of how those specific plants are projected to fare given current weather forecasts, including an estimate harvest date. Projections are updated based on real-time weather reports, giving the farmer a realistic projection of their crop with even greater accuracy possible with Sostena's in-ground hardware sensors. These tools grand "ground-level" insight to a plant's progress which refine yield projections with enough accuracy that Sostena's tools can also pair the farmer with local buyers to minimize time from field to consumer and eliminating market matching concerns for farmers.

Lat Long's team has played an integral role in bringing the Sostena team's product vision to life. Working closely with the team at, our work has ranged from developing in-house sales and order management tools to crafting interfaces that make complex performance data and tasks accessible to any farmer. Sostena is tackling one of Earth's greatest challenges with a suite of integrated products built on modern technology stack, and our team is proud to power that mission.

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