Apollo Astronaut Charlie Duke

When the famous words, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," traveled the radio waves back to Earth, the man to hear them in his headset was Apollo 11 CAPCOM Charlie Duke. Three years later, Duke would walk on the moon himself as Lunar Module Commander of the Apollo 16 mission and ultimately serve five Apollo missions in various capacities.


Charlie's story begins long before his time with NASA and continues to the present day, as it touches on dozens of organizations, industries and achievement. He travels the world telling his story.  But, his story also needed a home online, to provide a firsthand resource to current enthusiasts and a lasting testament of Charlie's account to future generations.

The Lat Long collaborated with the team at Chaco to comb through NASA archives, unearthing rarely seen imagery from one of the most famous events in human history and pieced together interactive segments to bring Charlie's story to life. Charlie then recorded his thoughts about each image, giving the behind-the-scenes account of each photo — a personal tour of Charlie's experience during each phase of the Apollo project. The result is an immersive and intimate personal recounting of historic moments that brings the most epic of achievements to a human scale.

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