Blue Marble Exploration

The ocean and its inhabitants remain largely a mystery. In fact, only 5 percent of the ocean has even been seen by humans — but Blue Marble Exploration is taking the plunge to discover the rest.

BME was founded by two true explorers: Guillermo Söhnlein, an experience underwater expedition leader and new-frontier entrepreneur, and Scott Parazynski, a five-time shuttle astronaut who’s the only person to have been to space and the top of Mt. Everest. But, Blue Marble isn’t just exploring extreme environments. It’s working to inspire others to ask the question: What’s beyond?

As Blue Marble forges new paths into the unknown and prepares for a major expedition to Dean’s Blue Hole in 2019, Lat Long's task was to digitally tell their story to investors, crew and the public. The site came together with an aquatic design showcasing the Blue Marble vision, where the crew is going, why it matters and how they will overcome the inherent challenges. As the expedition draws closer, the site will evolve into a larger, interactive experience for the broader public to follow the crew into the unexplored depths.

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