Airstream: An American Icon

When you're an 80-year-old company handcrafting an American icon, you see trends come and go. And as a new generation returns to a thirst for outdoor exploration, leveraging career flexibility toward the promise of the open road, you do what you've always done: build beautiful, high-quality products that last. Premium retail brands with a promise of authentic outdoor adventure have sprung from every corner but none are backed by the authority of the iconic brand that created the personal travel market before the interstates were built.

As Airstream forges a new path with a bold retail brand, Lat Long has built the technology engine to bring the store and its stories to life. Stories are the root of authenticity, and to tell them beautifully, we built a flexible, component-based storytelling engine using the bleeding-edge Gutenberg editor experience for WordPress. Each story connects the reader to the products or tools used in its narrative, creating a reinforcing cycle of storytelling and retail opportunity. Meanwhile, our operations team transformed Airstream's real-world operations to modernize and redesign the process of storing physical inventory and getting the actual products to customers.

Airstream laid out the vision and focused on creating the best products, while our team built a business around their efforts. From vendor and inventory management to dropship integrations; physical warehouse setup to payment processing; and ecommerce site design to cutting-edge web technologies, we took pride in crafting the best solutions to unique challenges in exploration and adventure — an ethos that matches very well with the core philosophies of our partners at Airstream. 

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