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We craft digital tools for those who do important work. When you embark on a major project through uncharted territory, we're the Swiss Army knife that always has the right tool.

Springfield, MO

334 E. Walnut Street Suite B
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Brooklyn, NY

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As the only digital agency dedicated to furthering science and exploration, we craft digital tools that bring these topics to life so you can pursue your mission and leave no stone unturned.

We empower clients whose goals extend beyond the balance sheet to grand ambitions of discovery, social progress, community engagement or just adding a bit more whimsy to people’s lives. At our core, we are storytellers and explorers who help others do the same.



Building Digital Tools For Important Work

Our starting point is web development. Every project begins with a digital mission, such as an informational marketing site, a widely functional consumer web application, an internal reporting tool or something totally new. We explore every idea and opportunity with you and bring the best to life through design, prototype, development and launch.

We reach beyond a typical development agency as our team's diverse startup and entrepreneurial experience is dedicated to creating the best version of your bold new undertaking. We step past the confines of digital development, see the pathway toward making your project a business and drive the internal and external efforts to see it through. 

Our Expertise


  • If it's digital, we build it. We've built immersive narrative experiences like the personal story of Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke, corporate homepages for Learning Ally and Morgan Samuels and mission-critical internal tools for crop yield projection for Sostena.
  • Building eCommerce for the modern era is a central focus of our work, creating novel ways to use storytelling as a storefront.
  • We cover most of the alphabet soup with a special emphasis on WordPress REST API, GraphQL, React + Redux, NodeJS, SOLR, PHP and a whole lot more.


  • Browser and functional testing are backed into every project. With our experience building Learning Ally's tools for the visually impaired, we also prioritize accessibility on every site, a focus we're bringing to the WordPress Gutenberg Accessibility team in 2019.


  • We stick around for the long haul, hosting dozens of sites and apps for our clients.

Business Operations

  • We've created sales workflows for Learning Ally and an entire retail operation for Airstream, not to mention products and supporting businesses, like Alumni Spaces, we've built and taken to market ourselves.

Business Analysis

  • When your organization is complex, it's not always apparent how a project will impact the other moving parts of your business. We get into the weeds of how you actually operate, mapping out all the moving parts and how they need to evolve to support your goal.


  • We translate ideas into technical and functional plans that prioritize utility over paperwork. This may result in simple wireframe labels when making a basic landing page for Alumni Spaces or can be as complex as a 100+ page exhaustive technical framework as we created for Learning Ally's entire product suite.

Design Processes

  • From sketches to wireframes, we approach interfaces as science + art to deliver functional and beautiful experiences that drive toward your goals. 

Things we don't tackle directly

Marketing Campaigns

SEO/SEM/PPC Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

Ad Development / Ad Buys


We have trusted partners for many of these and we're happy to be the lead agency and coordinate their efforts.

Our Craftsmanship Clause

We fix our own bugs, for free - no time limit, no paperwork

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