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Blue Marble Exploration

Teaming up with famed adventurers to reimagine how expeditions are designed


Blue Marble Exploration was founded by three true explorers: Accomplished mountaineer and rescue diver Justin Bursch, Guillermo Söhnlein, an experienced underwater expedition leader and entrepreneur, and Scott Parazynski, a five-time shuttle astronaut who is the only person to visit space and the top of Mount Everest. Their vision with Blue Marble was bold, but it wasn’t just about exploring the world’s harshest environments—it was about inspiring others to seek out the unknown and ask the question: What’s beyond? They wanted to create a platform to help assemble expedition crews and they brought us in to make it happen.


As Blue Marble forged ahead, planning a major expedition to Dean’s Blue Hole, the Lat Long team’s mission was to share their story digitally, bringing investors, the crew and the general public into the narrative. We built a gorgeous site around an aquatic design to display all the mind-blowing details about various upcoming expeditions, but that was only the beginning.


Following the completion of the site, we continued to work with the team as tech and innovation consultants. As an extension of their crew, we helped them envision, plan and pursue new ventures—like submarine dives, deep sea explorations and bold new product features.

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