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Links, references and demos

We’ve compiled all the tools we mentioned, the demos we showed and our own slides for easy reference

You can get a taste of the new Gutenberg editor with this interactive online demo or read more about it here.

In-line content editor examples can be found when editing a post on both Tumblr and Medium.

If you’re using Drupal, you can find blocks that can be used for bith WordPress and Drupal at There is also a project called Drupal Gutenberg aiming to bring the entire Gutenberg experience to the Drupal platform.

Editor.js is an open source platform for adding block editor capabilities to any product. is a great collaboration tool totally focused on organizing information with blocks.

To see Airstream Supply Company in action visit

We built many custom blocks for the site and you can rewatch Jay’s video walkthrough of some of our favorites anytime. The video can be found here using the password “airstream”.

Check out the Round Trip: Joshua Tree story we talked about and get inspired by some of our other favorite destinations as well.

There are numerous plugins out there for adding useful blocks to your site. A few of our favorites are:

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